AR Lucida APK Mod v1.2.3 (Unlocked Premium)

It is our speciality to provide Mods for all the premium apps and here you can get the new AR Lucida APK Mod (Unlocked Premium) for free. Let’s check more details on the App.

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App Info

App Title: AR Lucida
Size: 2.0M
Version: 1.2.3
Package: com.arlucida.arlucida
Category: Apps > Tools
Developer: Vincent Moeykens
MOD Features: Premium/Pro Free
Requirement: 5.1 and above

AR Lucida Overview

AR Lucida is the new market leader and it will soon surpass most of the top-rated apps in terms of downloads because hundreds of people are downloading it every day! It’s a flawlessly crafted platform suitable for all the users looking for quality solutions . You should not worry about the price because it is an affordable app and it provides the best content in that cheap price.

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There is no doubt to worry about features and performance because this app is performing pretty great on all the Android devices and over 62 users voted to praise its performance. Many users don’t know that it was launched on May 5, 2016 and it got above a million installs on Play Store within a few weeks after the launch. The new version 1.2.3 works very well on all sort of devices.

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There is no need to be concerned about the performance because over 56 users admire this app for its smooth performance. People admire this app for such a clean user interface, innovative features, and impressive content quality.That’s why most of the users have offered it 3.6-star ratings out of 5 on Google Play. It got updated on Dec 21, 2016 to improve its performance on ordinary Android devices and the developers really did a great job because people didn’t report lagging problem again. Vincent Moeykens has developed this app using the latest tools and technology to ensure it performs better than other applications.

ar lucida screenshot 3

Who says this app is not doing well? Over 1,000+ installs and 5-star ratings on Google Play is proof that it became the new leader in this category. It is one of the lightest mobile gaming apps requiring only 2.0M free space to perform smoothly. Tools category is already crowded with numerous poorly designed apps, but this app dethroned other apps and became the new favourite on Google Play. This app is going to run absolutely great on your mobile phone or tablet if your Android device is equipped with 5.1 or the newest Android version.

App Stats

Ratings: 3.6 out of 5
Total Ratings: 62
Released on: May 5, 2016
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016
Total Reviews: 56
Price: Paid
Installs: 1,000+
In-App Ads: No

[download id=”com.arlucida.arlucida” name=”AR Lucida” size=”2.0M” /]

Recent Changes

– FIXED Reverse Interface Camera Bug
– FIXED Certain horizontal images not loading on selection
– Various bug fixes

User Comments

After I Downloaded The App, There Were Some Menu Selections That Did Not Work: Settings & Camera (coming Soon). When I Visited The Web Site Of The Developer, It Displayed A Different Product: Mobile Lucida. I Tried To Email Him For Clarification About Theses 2 Selections As Well As With Mobile Lucida? Apparently, The Email Address In The App No Longer Exist. Tells Me That There Is No Longer Any Support For This Product. Otherwise, I Thought, It Was A Fine App When I Tried It.
by bing Villanueva | Rated 2 Stars
Hey Vincent, First Of All Thank You, For This Terrific App! I Love To Paint And Draw … BUT … I’ve Been Resigned To Doing Abstract Art (mostly Just For Me) Because I Just Can Not Sketch. This App, Already In Its Developmental Stage, Is A Milestone For My Self And I’m Curious To See What Else Is Coming. It Is Largely Self-explanatory And In A Few Minutes I Already Had Significant Sketching Success. I Have Not Regretted The Purchase, Since It Makes Me Smile Inside Complementing My Skills. I Recommend This App To Anyone Who Wants To Improove Their Skills And To Broaden Their Horizons In The Arts. A Functionality To Store The Running Project Would Be Nice In The Future, Just To Continue Where You Left Off. Or Is There Already Something For That? Regards
by Rafael Reyes | Rated 5 Stars
Great App. The Only Issue Is It Doesn’t Work Well In Full Screen Mode On The Samsung Galaxy S8, It Stretches The Camera. This Is Making The App Impossible To Use Because It Stretches. I Have Tried To Disable Fullscreen Mode But It Still Stretches Too Much. I Hate To Leave A Bad Review So I Will Update My Review When You Fix It.
by Phil Griffiths | Rated 3 Stars
I Use AR Lucida To Draw Cartoons On Birthday Cards. Love This App. The Old Carbon Paper Method Was Too Messy. My Family Will Ask “Where’s My Cartoon?” They Think I’m An Artist. ShalI I Tell Them I’m Just Tracing It? Nah! Having Too Much Fun. On Thing Though, The Camera Image Is Stretched 150 Percent Vertically On My Motorola J6 Smartphone But I Just Adjust The Stored Image Using Another App To Compensate And It Works Fine.
by sceptic One | Rated 5 Stars
An Excellent App. I Love Painting In Watercolours But I Can’t Draw. This App Used In Conjunction With A Clamped Arm To Hold My Smartphone Enables Me To Draw Any Photo On The Phone On To A Sheet Of Paper Below By Looking Through The Photo. It Uses The Camera In The Phone To Look Through A Semi Transparent Photo. Set Up Carefully As The Phone’s Camera Can Distort. I Found It Easier With My Phone Rather Than My Tablet. Has Solved All My Problems So Well Worth The Money.
by David Foot | Rated 5 Stars

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