Disney Emoji Blitz Mod APK v37.2.0 (Free Shopping/Resources)

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Game Info

Game Title: Disney Emoji Blitz
Size: 119M
Version: 37.2.0
Package: com.disney.emojimatch_goo
Category: Games > Puzzle
Developer: Jam City, Inc.
MOD Features: Free Shopping/Purchases
Requirement: 4.2 and above

Disney Emoji Blitz Overview

Disney Emoji Blitz has emerged as a great platform to stream high-quality content without wasting too much data because this game offers great customization features to ensure quality performance. This game got the best interface and features, but your device should be using 4.2 or higher version to run it smoothly. It’s a flawlessly designed platform that got 459,432 votes on the Play Store and its ratings are getting better and better with every passing day.

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Download this game now, which was developed by Jam City, Inc. and frequently maintained to be the first choice of the users. The new version 37.2.0 is up to date and available on the site. Check available free space on your phone before you tap that download button because it will require 119M free space!

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With 10,000,000+ downloads on Google Play, this game has become one of a kind because people love its features, user interfaces, and functions that no other game offers. As you can see in the review, this Android game offers impressive features and solutions for everyone . Being a free Android game, it is offering way more features than many premium games offer to all the Android users. This game is doing pretty well on the Play Store with over 186,926 user reviews and top-ratings from every active user.

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It takes years to create such a great platforms, but developers built it in a few months and launched it on Jul 13, 2016 on the Google Play Store. This Android game got 4.3-star ratings out of 5 stars and its competitors hardly succeed in convincing users.That’s why they are switching to this game now. Puzzle category is already crowded with numerous poorly designed games, but this game dethroned other games and became the new favourite on Google Play. You should download it and use it because it was recently updated on Oct 07, 2020 and it got equipped with features that we only see in premium Android games.

Game Stats

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5
Total Ratings: 459,432
Released on: Jul 13, 2016
Last Updated: Oct 07, 2020
Total Reviews: 186,926
Price: Free
Installs: 10,000,000+
In-Game Ads: Yes

[download id=”com.disney.emojimatch_goo” name=”Disney Emoji Blitz” size=”119M” /]

Recent Changes

Hey Blitzers, check out what is happening in Disney Emoji Blitz!

– Devil Dale
– The Mayor
– Dr. Finkelstein
– Alebrije Dante
– Ernesto De La Cruz

– Lady Tremaine Villain Event, Oct 16-19
– Nightmare Before Christmas Clear Event, Oct 21-26
– Halloween Item Card Event, Oct 28-Nov 1
– Friendsgiving Token Quest, Nov 1-30
– Ernesto De La Cruz Villain Event, Nov 4-8

Gamer Comments

Did Love Playing & Liked That There’s A Lot Going On As You Can Play More If You Have Time Or Just Jump On And Play A Little But Still Get A Gift Each Day. I’ve Dropped Stars Because It’s Now Pay To Win. Used To Be That During Events, The Featured Characters Helped You Accrue Items Faster But If You Didn’t Have Them, You Could Still Get The Rewards But Had To Play More. Now They’ve Made It So You Have To Pay Real Money To Unlock The Chars And You Can’t Progress Without Them. Money Grab – Sad
by Midget Atkinson | Rated 2 Stars
The Number 1 Problem With This Is That You Can’t Actually Use The Emoticons Like Regular Ones In Text. On Top Of That, Emojis Are Either Stupidly Expensive To Get ($5+) Or Painfully Long To Get, And Entire Events Are Locked Behind Certain Emojis, Meaning You Either Pony Up Or Get Screwed. No Google Play Achievements Is Just Icing On The Cake, And This App Deserves 2 Middle Fingers Up. If This Wasn’t Related To Disney, It Wouldn’t Have Any Players And A Much Lower Score. Here’s To Doing My Part!
by Yoda Man | Rated 1 Stars
I Played This Game On My Old Phone And Got To A Good Level…. I Connected It To My Facebook So That When I Switched Phones I Would Not Have To Start Over, Or At Least Not Have To Do The Tutorial….. Guess What? Logged Into My Facebook On New Phone… Ended Up Having To Start ALL OVER. There Needs To Be A Way To Skip The Tutorial. I Don’t Want To Play Anymore Because Of The Tutorial.
by Christina Hathaway | Rated 2 Stars
I Enjoy The Games Graphics And Little Tournaments But It Really Does Almost Unapologetically Hinder Your Progress If You Sync It To Your Facebook. After I Did, I Have A List Of My “friends” Who Are Clearly Bots And Have The Same Ridiculously High Scores Every Single Week Preventing Me From Placing Any Higher Than 8 On The Leaderboard When Before I Was Top 2 Or 3. The Probability Is All Over The Place Also, Sometimes Giving You Everything For 2 Or 3 Levels Than Nothing For A Few Days Of Play.
by Melissa Wright | Rated 2 Stars
I’ve Been Playing This Game For A Couple Of Years But Lately This Game Is Crashing In The Middle Of My Game. I Don’t Get My Lives Back And Lose Any And All Power-ups I Use. Customer Service Is No Help They Just Tell You Oh Sorry Restart The Game And Clear Cache Nothing Helps And Keeps Happening.
by Amy Mort | Rated 1 Stars

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