Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK v1.0.2 (Infinite Money/Resources)

We help people in saving their money and you will save your bucks if you use our platform to install the latest Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK (Infinite Money/Resources). One surprising fact you do not about this Mod APK is that it unlocks all the premium resources of the game. Stick with us because we will be reading more about this App.

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Game Info

Game Title: Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense
Size: 88M
Version: 1.0.2
Package: com.hikergames.deadlyconvoy
Category: Games > Strategy
Developer: HIKER GAMES
MOD Features: Unlimited Money/Shopping
Requirement: 4.4 and above

Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Overview

Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense has come to regain the trust of users, who have stopped using similar platforms due to frequently displayed ads and poor functionality. Over 684 users have commended this game and many new users are coming on Google Play to admire its features. They released this beautiful game on Aug 2, 2018 for Android users and iOS users might soon get it with a promise of a better performance than other games in this category.

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Highly talented developers from HIKER GAMES have worked hard to create this impressive Android game. The current version of game is 1.0.2 which is up to date. This game has everything you are looking for and you can install it now for free from the Google Play Store.

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It had some flaws and the developers last updated this game on Feb 14, 2019 to fix those flaws and meet all the user expectations. Download it now because it is currently ruling the Strategy category and it will remain the best until someone else comes up with a better UX design. Do not waste your time on other poorly designed games when this Android game with more than 2,039 votes is available to provide satisfying support and service. It got 100,000+ installs and users across the globe are praising this platform for offering exceptional support free of cost.

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This 88M game is ruling the market with its innovative features and impeccable performance. This game is clean and offers everything its teenage users love from impressive animations to perfectly crafted contend for their learning needs (Violence, Blood, Language). You won’t be able to install and use this game on your device if it is not equipped with 4.4 or newer version. It’s the most widely used Android game with impressive 3.8-star ratings out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

Game Stats

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5
Total Ratings: 2,039
Released on: Aug 2, 2018
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019
Total Reviews: 684
Price: Free
Installs: 100,000+
In-Game Ads: Yes
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Download Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK for Android

Click the Download button below to Download Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK on your Android device.

How to Download Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK?

  1. Click on the Download button above and Download Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK.
  2. You will be redirected to Download page.
  3. Now Go to "Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources" shown as below.
  4. Install Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK on your Phone now.
  5. Open the Mod and Enjoy!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some Frequently asked questions for Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK:

What is the size of Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK?

The Size of Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense Mod APK is 88M.

What is default package for Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense ?

The default package for Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense is com.hikergames.deadlyconvoy.

What are Mod Features offered by Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense?

The Mod features offered by Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense are Unlimited / Unlocked everything and more.

Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense is reviewed by how many users ?

More then 64560 people have reviewed Deadly Convoy: Zombie Defense.

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Recent Changes

– Fix logging in problems with Google Play Games version 2019.1.x

Gamer Comments

So So, The Game Play Can Be Fun At Times And Frustrating At Others. The Cars And Characters Are Not Really Fully In Your Control Which Can Be Annoying. At Times Your Cars Spend So Much Time “adjusting” That It Can Mean Difference Between Victory And Defeat. Leveling Up Is Hard As Well Since It’s Tied In To Upgrades Vs Gathering XP By Completing Battles. IAPs In This Game Are A ShamefulLY Expensive And It’s Useless To Buy Them As They Don’t Help Much At All. Overall An Ok Game, But Gets Boring Fast.
by Akbar Khan | Rated 3 Stars
Pretty Nice. A Customizable Default Fomation Feature Would Make It Better. It’s Annoying To Have To Reform Your Convoy Every Time The Mission Starts, Especially If You Are Playing Defense Missions. A Quick Formation Feature Would Also Be Good, Where You Can Save Your Custom Formations To Form Quickly In The Middle Of Heated Battles. I Imagine You Can Have This Unlock At Higher Levels To Reflect Growing Experience.
by A Google user | Rated 4 Stars
I Find The Game A Little Too Tough To Manage In Order To Enjoy. Its Pretty Unbalance. First Off Missions Cannot Be Replayed If U Beat It. So If Your Stuck In The Next One. Your Choice Of Hunts For Resources Is Very Limited. Not To Mention The Zombies Are Way Way Too Tough. Upgrading Is A Big Leap Because Again Resources Are Not That Easy To Farm. Even If You Manage To Upgrade The Weapons. The Big Horde With Just Tear You Apart In Seconds. Tl;dr Zombies Too Tough, Players Too Weak To Enjoy. This Is Coming From Me After Playing Thru With 12 Man, 4 Purple 3 Blue 2 Green Rarity Weapons All At Lv4 And Im Pretty Much Struggling At Mission 2 Without Any Death Of The Survivors. Its A Good Unique Experience But The Unbalance Of Power Really Throws Me In A Boring Position To Enjoy The Game. Base Building Is Generic. Nothing Special. Again The Poor Management Of Resource Farming Makes It Tough To Upgrade. I Spend Time Just Logging In. Collect From Farm And Upgrade. Quit The Game Come Back And Repeat. For A Game That Just Demands Me Into Logging In For That 5 Secs Is Not A Game. Its A Task. So I Will Delete For Now. Until It Is Actually Fun To Play With Rather Than A Task I Have To Deal With
by Cavin Koh | Rated 2 Stars
Just Started Playing This Game .. But Already Found A Bug .. Starting 3rd Mission, You Need 2 Cars, But You Can Start The Mission With Only 1 Car, Which Bugs The Mission .. Cuz You Cant Continue The Tutorial At The Beginning Of Mission. Another Thing .. Leaving The Mission Right At The Start, You Lose Survivors .. Really? I Hate Stupid Logic. When Finishing Map, TAP TO OPEN Could Be Done All Over The Screen, Not Just On The Box, Simplify It ..
by Gabriel Divine | Rated 3 Stars
Fix Loading Time And Game Connection, Constantly Get Connection Error. Good Gameplay, Please Improve Car Control And Make Passenger AI More Intellegent. Add Some Medic Or Passive Healing Abilities, Scavanges Mission Need More Times, Add More Gold Reward And Drop Item, Reduce Recruit Time, And Reduce Difficulty In Normal. Doesn’t Make Sense To Upgrade All Weapon And Cars To Max In Chapter 2 Normal, But Still Can’t Pass
by Karyanto SE | Rated 3 Stars

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